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[Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi, Wide Affln. No: 830055]

An Introduction :

Shri Mahaveer Residential English Medium School, Raibag is one of the first and foremost educational institution established to impart education to the Rural children by Shri Laxmisen Education Society, Raibag in the year 1975. The school aims at imparting quality education to the children irrespective of colour, caste, and creed. It is Co - educational and imparts the knowledge through English media. However, the regional and national languages are compulsory learning subjects. The minds and hearts of the children are moulded in the school. The special aim of the school is to prepare the boys and girls entrusted to our care for the duties of life by moral, intellectual and physical training. Special attention is given by the well-qualified teachers towards developing the moral character among the children and encourages them to live together as brothers and sisters. The school has got three stages such as pre-primary, Primary and secondary school.

A brief flash back ............

 .......... It was the year of 1974 - 75. The nation was busy in the celebration of 25th century Nirwan Mahotsav of Bhagwan Mahaveer and the few selfless personalities of this tiny village [Raibag] were thinking to make the Nirwan Mahotsav of Bhagwan Mahaveer be remembered for ever...... and they done it by opening an English Medium School in Raibag as it was the most essential demand of the people in the north west part of Belgaum District which was completely neglected in the field of education. Accordingly Shri SHRI LAXMISEN EDUCATION SOCIETY had taken birth on 10th October, 1974. as the Kala Chakra went on moving forward in the same way the progressive development of the society continued more than the speed of Kala Chakra.........

SHRI LAXMISEN EDUCATION SOCIETY is one of the leading institution in the field of education which is serving the society with self less service, and justice. Though it belongs to the community of religious minority but its efforts towards imparting Educational facilities to the people are impartial. The society is having the firm foundation of religious, Moral, Intellectual and Cultural values. It's wide wings of successive progress have already been spread all over the parts of our nation. The society tries its level best to mould the students in to moral, able and justified citizens of India through its various educational institutions.

Location :

The School is located in a clean and healthier atmosphere on the Western out skirt of Raibag town in Belgaum District of Karnataka state. The institution is at about 4 K. Mtrs away from Raibag Railway Station and 1 K.Mtrs from Raibag Bus stand. Taxi and Rickshaws are available from Railway station and Bus stand respectively.

Building :

The school has got well-equipped building provided by the society. Newly modified three floor building has got sufficient number of rooms. Each room is equipped with necessary teaching aids and furniture. All the rooms have proper ventilations and electricity supply. The students sit comfortably and learn the knowledge with full of interest. The Digi class system is introduced to inform the higher knowledge in the different subjects.


The school has co-education system of education. There are 831 children in the school, The school has qualified teaching and no teaching staff. It has 42 staff members under the able guidance of Shri A. S. Badore, Manager Mrs. Vasumati Shinde has been working as Principal, Shri Mahaveer Residential English Medium School, Raibag. It has been prospering year after year.

The Continuous comprehensive Evaluation is implemented with its true spirit. Each child weaknesses are diagnosed and guided individually. For the all round development of the children, the school authority is trying its best with efficient staff, well equipped laboratories, library and Digital Classrooms and English language lab. C.C. Camera is installed to monitor the children carefully.

Status of Affiliation:

The school affiliated for the period of 01-04-2013 to 31-03-2018 and now applied for extension of provisional affilication.