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[Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi, Wide Affln. No: 830055]


The curriculum goes on imparting vital knowledge of various learning subjects. In the same way learning co-
curriculum subjects are essential to the students for developing knowledge of social, competitive life. Through
co-curriculur activities students will learn to bring out the knowledge hidden in their minds. Art, Physical
Education,Music, Moral Education and Computer are the prescribed co-curricular subjects in our school. The
expert teachers teach these subjects. Necessary tests and examinations are conducted for the students.
Drawing and painting of natural sceneries, pictures, animals, geometrical designs are taught to the students in
art. Students will be given vital knowledge to keep their physical health in sound way through physical education.
Students learn to play various games and athletic events. Our school students takes part in sports conducted
by the C.B.S.E. A. Rashmi has got 2nd place in High Jump in the C B S E cluster level competition held in Hydrabad
The performance of our students is appreciable. Annual sports meet is also conducted in every year in which
every students will be having an opportunity to present his ability in number of sports events. Imparting computer
knowledge among the small children is the special quality of our school. Our students begin to learn operating
computer individually at the stage of 5th standard. They will be given complete theoretic knowledge of computer
and will be trained them to maintain and operate the computers individually. For above all the laboratories are used


Students those who secure highest places in various competitions conducted by the school in sports and
cultural activities will be awarded Rolling shields presented by donors. The following awards are distributed to the
students every year.

1. Best Boy award [Rolling Shield]

2. Best Girl award [Rolling Shield]

3. Rolling Shield award to the student who scores highest marks in English at A.I.S.S.E.

4. Rolling Shield award to the student who scores highest marks in Kannada at A.I.S.S.E.

5. A Cash Prize of Rs 250/- [every year] to the students who scores highest marks in A.I.S.S.E.

6. House Champion award to the House which scores highest points in Annual sports Meet. [Rolling Shield]

7. Runner up House Champion award to the House which scores second highest points in Annual sports Meet


1. Our School is built in beautiful surrounding with educational atmosphere.

2. We have achieved 100% result in A.I.S.S.E. for std - X for the academic year since 2006 continuously.

3. Every year we conduct interschool talent search competition.

4. Our school students enthusiastically participated in interschool debate, Science model,
    Historyseminar and General quiz competitions every year
5. In sports our school children are qualifying cluster level competition.
   Now taking  part in National level competition.

6. We have yoga classes to develop the concentration among the children.

7. We have well equipped laboratories, Maths and Computer, Science and English language lab.

8. We have a huge library containing many daily, magazines, and Reference books as well as story books.

9. Digital Class system is installed and is imparting wider knowledge in all the subjects.

10.C.C.Camera is installed to watch teaching and learning process.


1. Every year new admissions are made to, Classes LKG to X at the beginning of the new
    academic year subject to availability of seats.

2. Prospectus along with application form can be issued from the school office on payment of
    Rs. 100=00 in cash. Prospectus can also be had through post by sending money order
    of Rs. 100=00+ Postal charges.

3. The maximum strength in each class is 40 students.

4. Admissions to the transferred students will be given subject to availability of vacancies.
   Such admissions will be confirmed after submitting Transfer Certificate and relevant marks card
   from the previous school.

5. The Principal and the Management reserve the right to admission.

6. Age Limit : The child should have completed 5 years and 10 months for class I.

7. Documents required for Admission.

A) For I std: Birth Certificate issued by the competent authority.

B) II to X : Transfer Certificate issued by other schools. 2) Marks card of previous class.

8. Withdrawals : Parents desirous of withdrawing their wards (days scholars) from the school
   have to apply in writing at least seven days in advance to the Principal.

9. Fee structure : 1) The detailed fees structure is given below and it is subject to be changed
   as per the decision taken by the
   1) School managing committee

   2) Fee is revised with consultation of parents representation in the meeting from time to time.

   3) The parents may pay the school fees in to two instalments. The first instalment is to be paid at the
time of admission and the second instalment within 10 days from the beginning day of second term
inacademic year. Every year students have to renew their admission by paying the first instalment of
school  fees within 10 days from the beginning day of new academic year.

10. The details of the fees structure are as under

(Fee structure subject to be changed)


   The Principal,
   Shri Mahaveer Residential English Medium School,
   K.E.B. Road, RAUBAG - 591317
   Dist : Belgaum [karnataka]


   Black canvas shoes for both boys and Girls.
   White uniform on every Sunday
   House uniform on every Wednesday.
   Civil dress on every Thursday


   BOYS :  White lining color half sleeves shirt with a pocket on the left.
   Grey color Half pant [Two inch above the Knee]
   GIRLS : Grey & white lining color blouse with short sleeves and collar.
   Grey color skirt up to Knee with full pleats and black ribbons.
   White uniform on every Sunday. House uniform on every Wednesday. Civil dress on every Thursday

   BOYS : Grey and white lining color half sleeve shirt with a pocket on the left.
   Grey color full pant with two pockets on the sides.
   GIRLS : Grey and white lining color blouse with short sleeves and collar.
   Grey color skirt up to knee with full pleats and black ribbons.
   White uniform on every Sunday
   House uniform on every Wednesday.
   Civil dress on every Thursday
   Black canvas Shoes, blue socks and Navy blue neck Tie for both boys and girls.


1. The morning session starts with prayer. students are expected to be punctual and all the students

    have to be present for the prayer. Prefect order lines and silence must be maintained.

2. Students have to wear the clean and neat uniform of the school everyday.

3. Pupils are expected to move quietly in lines with concerned teacher and monitor whenever they

    go to Laboratories and play ground.

4. On the teacher entering class room students must be stand up and remain standing still they are told to sit.

5. The school expects good manners, politeness, obedience and punctuality from every students.

6. The school insists upon punctuality and regularity in attendance from every student.

7. Books and other articles should bear the name of the student. All unclaimed books and articles shall

    be deposited in the school office.

8. No student is allowed to go out of the school boundary during school hours.

9. Things not approved by the school authority will not be allowed to be brought to the school such

    as Magazines, news papers, camera, mobile phone, video games or electronic toys etc.

10. Scribbling on books, furniture, walls etc is absolutely forbidden and the guilty will be treated severely.

11. Misbehavior such as running, playing and shouting etc in the class room is never allowed failing,

     which will cause severe action.

12. Student suffering from contagious or infectious disease will not be permitted to attend the school

      till their complete recovery.

13. The permission of the Principal is essential :
          a] To leave the school premises during school hours.
          b] To arrange functions and picnics.


1. Maximum co-operation of the parents/guardians is necessary for over all development of their child /ward.

2. Parents/guardians meet the Principal as frequently as possible and discuss about the progress of their

   children, during the school hours. Those parents who wants to meet the class teacher or any other

   teacher in respect of their child may contact them during the school hours with the permission of the principal,

3. Parents/Guardians are requested not to visit the class rooms during the class hours.

4. Progress reports of the students will be sent to the parents from time to time for the signature and   
perusal. Progress reports should be returned immediately with their signature.

5. The school issues school Calendar to each student and the parents/guardians have to see and follow the
instructions regularly.

6. Parents/Guardians have to encourage their children to read good English books during their leisure time and
holidays at home.

8. Parents/Guardians have to encourage their children to participate in all curricular and co-curricular   activities
of the school.

Infrasture : The school has good infra structure with well equipped labs 1] Composite Science Lab 2] Computer Lab
  3] Maths lab 4] English Language Lab. The school has seperate activity hall . The school has a library with
all the books , magazines, periodials.  The school has seperate function hall, seperate office for principal  The
school has 34 class room with full light and ventilation.