The school has good infra-structure with well-equipped laboratories ie. Composite Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Mathematics Laboratory, English Language Laboratory.

The school has separate activity hall. The school has a library with all the books, magazines & periodicals. The school has separate function hall, separate office for principal and 34 class rooms with full light and ventilation.


A. Composite Science Laboratory:

Learning science will be effective when it is studied with necessary experiments. Hence Science Laboratory is situated in the first floor of the school building. It is well equipped with all necessary apparatus and furniture. Science laboratory has gf rolex air king mens rolex calibre 2813 114210sso automatic 15mm got wide space, scientific instruments and suitable furniture facilities, which enables the students to perform the experiments comfortably. The science teachers take much care while students are performing the practical. Nearly 40 students can perform experiments on various topics of Chemistry, Physics and Biology at a time. The school provides sufficient laboratory apparatus, chemicals and other practical materials right in time. Models, Charts of creatures, diagram, scientists are available in the laboratory.

B. Computer Laboratory

The modern society is developing in a speedy way. Computers are playing vital role in the day today life of the people. Everyone thinks to adjust his life to the changing society. The knowledge of computer is essential for adjusting our life to the speedy society. Hence we take much care in developing modern knowledge among the students. Computer is one of the learning subjects in our school. Qualified computer Instructors are appointed to impart theoretical and practical knowledge of computers. The computer lab is situated in the first floor of the building. There are 24 Computers in the laboratory. Students in batches go to learn computer practically.

Details of Computer Laboratory:

1 No. of Computers in Laboratory with server 24
2 Projector 01
3 All in One Colour Printer 01
4 All in One Black & White Printer 03
5 Invertor for Laboratory& Office 03
6 Internet Facility in Laboratory and Office with Wi-Fi 02

C. Maths Laboratory:

Mathematical laboratory is also arranged in the school as to provide visual knowledge of different geometrical, mathematical figures. Instruments of learning multiplication tables, teaching aids for learning additions, subtractions, division etc. are also arranged in the mathematics laboratory. Students are imparted with complete knowledge on basic principles of mathematics through using the mathematics laboratory.

D. English Language Laboratory:

Digital Teacher English Language Laboratory not only enhances vocabulary, but also focuses on the finer shades of language like grammar, pronunciation, intonation, modulation, phonetics, MTI Syllabic Division.

Student learn without any fear or embarrassment which helps to build their confidence and proficiency in the language.

Details of Language Laboratory:

1 No. of Computers in Language Laboratory with server 21
2 Head Phones with Micro-Phone 21
3 Invertor for language Laboratory 01
4 Internet Facility in language Laboratory (office) with Wi-Fi 01


Library is most essential for the development of knowledge among the students in different directions. Library provides wide knowledge on various subjects. Our school has got well-equipped library. There are nearly 2500 books in the library which wholesale givenchy boots covers books on different subjects such as languages, mathematics, science and social science and Value education. The children are fond of reading storybooks, comics, etc. Hence our Library is equipped with the books, attracts the minds of the children.

Total number of Books:

English 2821
Kannada 300
Hindi 400
Total 3521

Category wise distribution of Books:
Total Story Books:

Friction 605
Non-Friction 298
Mythologicalndi 44

Bio- Graphics:

Encyclopedia+Dictionary 10
Sports Books 21
Informative & Ref.Books 40
Science Books 320
Biographies 212
Mathematics Books 20
Art & Craft 36
Computer 35
Environment Education 40
General Knowledge 230
Social Science 85
Hindi 400
Grammar (Eng, Kan, Hin) 15
Kannada 300

Total number of Magazines subscribed:
Name of the Magazine:

Outlook news Weekly
Outlook Business (Hindi) Monthly
Outlook money Monthly
Pratiyogitadarpan (Hindi) Monthly
Pratiyogitadarpan (Enlgish) Monthly

Total number of News-Papers subscribed:

Deccan Herald English
Vijay Karnataka Kannada
Tarun Bharat Marathi


Playing games gives them sound physical development. They spend much time in playing different games. Our school gives more importance for physical training. We have got a wide spaced play ground in front of the school building. The qualified physical instructors are appointed to teach physical education. The ground is having facilities for playing Kho-Kho, Kabbaddi, Volley ball, Throw ball, Hockey, Football, Cricket, various athletes etc.


Art room is situated at the first floor with well-equipped Drawing tables.


There is a well-equipped music room. Vocal music is given importance.


Digital Class gives impetus to the instructional facility with the application of smart classes. This digital initiative has improved teacher’s effectiveness and proficiency. It connects abstract and difficult concepts to real life. It makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students and enabled multi-sensory learning in classrooms. Improves academic performance of students and it also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class. Nearly 18 classrooms are well set with smart boards having an authentic content and much more.